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    • Features
    • 1. 600 W continuous program power capacity

      2. High sensitivity 96dB/1w/1m

      3. Very smooth response up to 4.8k Hz

      4. 2.5" inside/outside high temperature aluminum voice coil

      5. Weather protected cone for outdoor usage

      6. Aluminum demodulating ring for very low distortion

      7. Optimized for the use in line array systems

General Specifications
Nominal Diameter 250/10 mm/inch
Rated Impedance 16 ohm
Nominal Power handling1 300 Watts
Program Power2 600 Watts
Sensitivity(lw/lm)3 96 dB
Frequency Range4 65~4800 Hz
Minimum Impedance(Zmin) 14.5 ohm
Voice Coil Diameter 65/2.5 mm/inch
Voice Coil Material Pure Aluminum
Former Material Polyimide
Voice Coil Winding Depth 15 mm
Number of layers 2 (inside/outside)
Magnet gap depth 8 mm
Basket Cast Aluminum
Flux Density 1.3 T
Magnet Material 170/62 mm/oz
Thiele-Small parameters
Resonance frequency Hz
DC resistance Re 12.6 ohm
Mechanical factor Qms 5.73
Electrical factor Qes 0.52
Total factor Qts 0.48
Mechanical compliance Cms 0.16 mm/N
Mechanical resistance
of suspension losses
Rms 2.6 mech-ohm
Effective Moving Mass Mms 35 g
Half-space efficiency Eff 1.6 %
BL Factor BL 19 T.m
Equivalent Cas air load Vas 28 liters
Effective piston area Sd 0.0356 m2
Max.linear excursion5 Xmax 6 mm
Voice coilinductance LelK 0.84 mH
Efficiency Bandwidth Product EBP 129
Mounting Information
Overall Diameter 261 mm
Bolt Circle Diameter 246 mm
Bolt Hole Diameter 5.5 mm
Baffle Cutout Diameter 228 mm
Overall Depth 115 mm
Net Weight 5.0 kg
Shipping Weight 5.4 kg
Shipping Box 275x275x130 mm