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General Specifications
Nominal Diameter 460/18 mm/inch
Rated Impedance 8 ohm
Nominal Power handling1 600 Watts
Program Power2 1200 Watts
Sensitivity(lw/lm)3 98 dB
Frequency Range4 37-2700 Hz
Minimum Impedance(Zmin) 6.8 ohm
Voice Coil Diameter 100/4 mm/inch
Voice Coil Material Edgewound Copper
Former Material Glass Fiber
Voice Coil Winding Depth 20 mm
Number of layers 1
Magnet gap depth 10.7 mm
Basket Cast Aluminum
Flux Density 1.0 T
Magnet Material 125 oz
Thiele-Small parameters
Resonance frequency Hz
DC resistance Re 5.4 ohm
Mechanical factor Qms 9.7
Electrical factor Qes 0.36
Total factor Qts 0.35
Mechanical compliance Cms 0.07 mm/N
Mechanical resistance
of suspension losses
Rms 5.2 mechk-ohm
Effective Moving Mass Mms 192 gr
Half-space efficiency Eff 3.3 %
BL Factor BL 28.1 T.m
Equivalent Cas air load Vas 169 liters
Effective piston area Sd 0.1307 m2
Max.linear excursion5 Xmax 8 mm
Voice coilinductance LelK 2.1 mH
Efficiency Bandwidth Product EBP 116 mH
Mounting Information
Overall Diameter 461 mm
Bolt Circle Diameter 439 mm
Bolt Hole Diameter 6.5*9.5 mm
Baffle Cutout Diameter 424 mm
Overall Depth 197 mm
Net Weight 12 kg
Shipping Weight 14.5 kg
Shipping Box 500x500x240 mm