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24",21",18",15" with larger voice coil
1. What are the benifits of a larger voice coil?
On the same diameter speaker a small voice coil has less control over the cone compared to a large voice coil. With a small voice coil the cone is able to be more resonant compared to the same size cone with a large voice coil. Some small voice coil speakers may appear to be more efficient but this extra efficiency may be only at the one resonant bass not. At frequencies above this resonant bass not the speaker may be less efficient compared to the same cone with a large voice coil. Cost and performance of speakers increase with voice coil size.
The large the voice coil the better the control over the cone, and therefore improved damping and linearity. Large voice coils are expensive to make. Assembling the speaker is also more difficult, tolerances taken to greater accuracy. The large the voice coil diameter - the larger the area of the magnetic gap. To keep the flux density of the magnetic energy(per unit area) in the gap the same(for the speaker to retain the same efficiency) magnet size and therefore mass of the speaekr must be increased. The major advantage of larger voice coil is greater power-handling.